About Longhouse Wines

Longhouse Wines is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Ryan Jacobson. While on a trip to Portugal he was inspired by the elegantly designed wine bottles he saw throughout the country. These bottles had beautiful patterns and a character he hadn’t experienced in the US. After returning home Ryan decided he wanted to bring more attractive looking wines to this country, so that people here could share the same experience. The goal is that these wines would not only excite with their quality, but would visually enhance the entire tasting experience.

longhouse wines europe

Thus began a 15 month journey through liquor licensing, wine tasting and bottle design.
Ryan enlisted the help of Teddy Lewis, a designer and friend from Arizona State University, who worked his magic creating the beautiful and unique bottle designs. Below are just a few examples of the thought and creativity that went into the design process.

Justus Benjamin, an industry expert and wine enthusiast, aids in tasting and ultimately selecting the wineries that Longhouse works with. On average only 4% of the wines that have been tasted will be good enough to make it to the bottling process.

Ryan Jacobson is not only the founder of Longhouse Wines, he is an entrepreneur with a passion for every project he takes on. After spending 5 years in medical marijuana brand development and 3 years in financial capital markets, Ryan knows what truly drives start up success. It’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week, it’s how well you strategically manage risk/reward and execute a business plan through hard work. Couple that with knowing your target audience and providing a quality product and, in the case of Longhouse Wines, an overall enjoyable experience for wine lovers.

To date Longhouse Wines offers 3 varietals; a 2014 Sierra Foothills Red Blend, a 2017 Lodi Chardonnay and a 2018 Lodi Sauvignon Blanc.

This is just the beginning! Longhouse Wines will continue to focus on our goal of bringing the best small batch, visually stunning wines to everyday wine lovers. Stay tuned for our next release - a Sonoma Pinot Noir in a visually pleasing, signature Longhouse Wines designed bottle!